Immaginare studio fotografico di Roberto Tibaldi

Photo retouching
Adding & removing
Colourise, revive
Retouch, reconstruct
Family memories
No limits
Black & white
Good humour



for every type of image:
from studio still life
to the big outdoors.
Complete range of optics
Digital reflex
Studio Flash
upto 16.500 w/s


I love defining myself as professional photographer keen on photography. This way of expression has always fascinated me, in all its forms.

For this reason I have never specialized in a particular field of photography.
I spent thousands of hours in the camera obscura to print black and white photos, I studied and I dedicated to industrial phography in big size with the optical bench and studio flash.
I like reportage photography, portraits and I've always loved naturalistic photography. I've taken photos during sport events, reproduced works of art, immortalized brides and grooms, children. Using Photoshop I salvage and save the memories of people, I make them unforgettable.

I've done mine the following sentence of a colleague of mine, Giuliano Radici, which says:

For work and curiosity, for what is beautiful and ugly…I take pictures


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