Immaginare studio fotografico di Roberto Tibaldi

Photo retouching
Adding & removing
Colourise, revive
Retouch, reconstruct
Family memories
No limits
Black & white
Good humour



for every type of image:
from studio still life
to the big outdoors.
Complete range of optics
Digital reflex
Studio Flash
upto 16.500 w/s

Good humour  

At the end of last century, Kodak producted the black and white film TMAX400CN. One day a customer entered in my shop asking me seriously : “ Is it true that now there is a film for Cuneo province? ” (...CN= Cuneo) !!!!!!


Shed phrases….

Give me a film to take-away

“I would like a film of 100”. “of 12, 24 or 36?” - I ask - “No, no, I want it of 100!”

I've the flex (instead of flash) delayed (that is not very powerfull)

Can you please develop me the most beautiful photos? You know which they are !

Please give me a film that makes photos bigger that 10X15 cm size

How do you want the photos? 10x15? 12x18? “May I see how they are?”. I show two examples of the same VERTICAL photo of a child. The lady tells me “ None of them! I've done my photos for long !” (that is HORIZONTAL !)

I sell a camera photo to a person. He brings me the film to develop and it's all black. “don't worry the camera is under warranty”. I try the camera: perfect photos! I call the customer to better understand the problem and, after a long questioning, I realize that ha did 36 photos watching in the object-glass instead that in the viewfinder…ha took 36 pictures to his eyes !!!

Passport photos

You made me big lips !!!

The others pictures of the other photographer were better! ! “May I see them ?” ... the lady was 20 years younger !!! “Try to go to the other photographer today, so we fight on equal terms !”

“How many photos are needed for the identity card? ”. “3”. “ Ok, take me 12, so for the next 15 years I will have the photos of when I was young !”

“I would like some passport photos” - me a man entering in my shop, dressed very elegantly - “For what do you need them? Identity card ?”. “No”. “Passport ?”. “No”.…after a long pause he tells me:: “ I want the photos da buté là (literal translation from piemontese dialect: to put there…in the cemetery) (literal translation from piemontese dialect: to put there…in the cemetery) because I don't want that when I die, the others will do as they did with the aunt, they insulted her because she hadn't a nice photo !


Digital: what different words for common people…

How many PIGAFLEX does this camera have ?

Is it true that you SCANDALIZE the slides ?

Do I need the AIDS (ADSL !!) to send photos by Internet?

How can I do to put a photo on the DESPOT of the computer?





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