Immaginare studio fotografico di Roberto Tibaldi

Photo retouching
Adding & removing
Colourise, revive
Retouch, reconstruct
Family memories
No limits
Black & white
Good humour



for every type of image:
from studio still life
to the big outdoors.
Complete range of optics
Digital reflex
Studio Flash
upto 16.500 w/s

To add, remove, substitute    

It's always difficult to have a unique image where there are all or only the people we want, or one where everybody is laughing and at the right place.


In this first case my client had no photos of his childhood with his sister. In the first image the little brother was laughing, but he was with a playmate. In the second image the little siste…also she with a friend.


In the final image they are finally together!...and we also removed the electricity pole behind the head of the boy!


What a nice photo of a daddy with his little son in his arms, even if blushed; what a pity that the child is watching to somewhere else.


Here, in mum's arms, finally the child is watching the photographer !


Remove, put, correct … and done !


IThe grandparents have never had a photo of they two, with the full dress, and also when we married we have not done one.


No problem, we "rub out" and here they are !


In the group photo there is always a relative who threads his way through the others at the last moment…but we wanted a photo of our family !


Away the unwanted guests!


Dad has come and visit u sto the mountains and took us a picture with mum.






Than mum took us a picture with dad.


But there was nobody to whom we could give the camera to have a photo all together. .
Remove, put, correct…that's done!


What a lot of things on this table !


It's better to clean !


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