Immaginare studio fotografico di Roberto Tibaldi

Photo retouching
Adding & removing
Colourise, revive
Retouch, reconstruct
Family memories
No limits
Black & white
Good humour



for every type of image:
from studio still life
to the big outdoors.
Complete range of optics
Digital reflex
Studio Flash
upto 16.500 w/s

No limit to imagination!  

We often receive very strange requests, sometimes absolutely impracticable, because someone thinks that “with computer everything is possible”. One lady came to me with a photo of her as she was a baby in her mother's arms, but with the head turned back. “can you please turn my head? I've got no photo as I was a child and I would like to see the face I had. You do things more difficult !!!”. No Madame, for miracles you have to ask someone else, but…look at these examples.

This customer of mine is a sportman, but he cannot “bend” like Valentino Rossi.
Ok, for this time I'll arrange it!






A photo with their own idol !!! The dream everybody has.




Now it is possible!











The pope is passed, someone take us the picture but, darn, our faces are covered!



Never fear, we take your faces from another image…



…and here you are in the photo with the pope!







It's a long time that daddy is not wearing a suit and tie!




In the last passport photo he is nice…but without suit and tie, as usual.





We wear him!


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