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Marco Tardito Amarilli quartet

Client: Jazz Quartet
Technique: 9 slide projectors in panoramic rear-projection.
Event: Multi-image scenography for a live jazz music concert inspired to the sixteenth century madrigals of Claudio Monteverdi. |

Marco Tardito: alto sax and arrangements
Giorgio Giovannini: trombone
Stefano Risso: contrabass
Donato Stolfi: drum and percussions
Roberto Tibaldi: Multi-image

Amarilli quartet is an instrumental group which carries on a research in contemporary music, characterized by a fusion of different expressive languages and several references to different musical cultures.
The repertoire that Amarilli Quartet uses, in this concert, is the one of Claudio Monverdi Scherzos. These madrigals, composed by Monteverdi since 1600 and edited in 1607, uses the miniaturized lyrical experimentations of G. Chiabrera.
Departing from the texts of madrigals (like musicians of that time used to do, composing music "covering words") we have tried out a different approach with the musical composition. The interpretation of the words of the text, has given to music an actual freshness, enriched by references and quotations that are part of our life of musicians.
The choice of three voices Scherzos was suggested by the possibility that these were offering, to reproduce the original drafting in a different timbre area, and the primary function of these pieces (born to "play", sing and dance) allowed us a different rhythmical approach, nearer to African percussions than to jazz rhythmic. It is surprising, in this sense, the interconnection between the darbuca and voices of Monteverdi.


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