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What it is
What can be done
Travel & adventure
Art & culture
Artistic expression
Architectural structures
Museums & visitor cntrs.
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with Multi-image

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Realizations to:

advertise an event
introduce a conference
document a journey
enhance a territory,
a protected area
or advertise a product
accompany a concert
creating the scenography
for a theatre performance
cover architectural
structures with images
permanent or temporary installations for exhibitions and museums
A like Acqua, A like Aniene

Client: Medaniene Museum System (Rome)
Technique: Digital multi-image on 3 screens (no. 4 multi-display Wings Platinum)
Event: Evening events for the presentation of Medaniene Museum System.

The museum system Medaniene is composed by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts of Anticoli Corrado, the Museum of Culture of Villa Garibaldi in Riofreddo, the Museum of Country Culture Aniene Valley in Roviano and the new Ecomuseum of territory of Arsoli. For their nature and for scientific setting, such museums have to focus on the attention to territory, for the preservation of the existing resources and for the improvement of local culture.
This Multi-image, realized on 3 big screens and projected in the squres of the four cities, is part of an ambicious project wanted by Lazio Region to let people know and preserve these resource.

Multi-image: Roberto Tibaldi.

A come acqua, A come Aniene


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