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Client: Municipality of Misterbianco (CT) Sicily
Technique: Digital panoramic Multi-image on Wings Platinum
Event: Popular day festival of Saint Anthony the Abbot realized in collaboration with "Il Parallelo Multivisioni" of Padua.

Every three years the city of Misterbianco (CT) parties the patron saint St. Anthony Abbot, the first Sunday of August.
On the occasion of the edition of 2006, the city entrusted IMMAGINARE studio and Il Parallelo multivisioni of Padua with the task of realizing a multimage to tell in an emotional way the big fest, after having already realized a documentary DVD. Images were given by a group of photographers that for years immortalized the big Event, with musical contributions of the bands of the four "parties". The work has been projected with great success in the main square of Misterbianco, in the presence of more than 500 people, and is still used to let this big Event know.

Photos : Giacomo Adamo, Antonio Caserta, Cosimo Di Guardo, Fabrizio Frixa, Andrea Girlando, Enzo Motta, Patrizia Marinaro, Pino Schillagi.

Ccu vera fidi


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