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Realizations to:

advertise an event
introduce a conference
document a journey
enhance a territory,
a protected area
or advertise a product
accompany a concert
creating the scenography
for a theatre performance
cover architectural
structures with images
permanent or temporary installations for exhibitions and museums
To his image and resemblance, Marc Chagall, painting of flesh and wings

Client: Cultural Association L'Atrio dei Gentili
Technique: 12 slide projectors, 5 screens
Event: Cultural performance on the bible message of Marc Chagall, with dance, and live actors.

A unique Multi-image, on five screens, enshrouds the audience end introduces him to the fascinating world of Marc Chagall (1887-1985) and of his great paints hosted in the "Musée du Message Biblique" of Nice (France). The message of these paintings, colorful and full of symbols, depends on the vision and reflection of the audience, while words, music and dancing come with him through an original way that goes over the bible and tells of the great dream of God about humanity.

Texts by Atrio dei Gentili.
Directed by: Elisabetta Baro.
Music by Igor Strawinsky - music choices: Maria Penna.
Dancing: Maria de Pippo.
Voices-over: Elisabetta Baro, Elena Serra.
Lights and audio technician: Maurizio Peisino.
Multi-image: Roberto Tibaldi.

A Immagine e somiglianza, Marc Chagall, una pittura di carne e ali


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