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advertise an event
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creating the scenography
for a theatre performance
cover architectural
structures with images
permanent or temporary installations for exhibitions and museums
The Beethoven frieze by Gustav Klimt

Client: Cultural Association l’Atrio dei Gentili
Technique: 8 slide projectors, 3 side-by-side screens, music, chor and live actors
Event: Cultural Evening

The show "The beauty will save the world" is dedicated to the Beethoven frieze by Gustav Kilmt. The Beethoven frieze, 24 meters long and on three walls, was made by Klimt in occasion of the XIV show of the Secession in Vienna. The three panels cover different suggestions with reference to Greek and Egyptian painting, to African sculpture, to Mycenaean art and to Japan printings. The Frieze in the interpretation of the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven, ended by the &rdquoJoy Hymn” directed by Gustav Mahler in occasion of the opening of the show.
In the Frieze Klimt expresses the timeless contrast between good and evil and the ambition to ideal redemption through art. After more than one century these images, accompanied by music that inspired it, make people reflect on human being and his pursuit of happiness. The show has been written in occasion of the live execution on some parts of the symphony, version for four hands pianos.

Texts: Stella Morra. Directed by: Elisabetta Baro. Music choices: Maria Penna.
4 hands pianos
: Clara Dutto and Federico Galvagno.
: components of the Accademia Corale city of Saluzzo ( directed by G. Piacenza).
Acting voices
: Elisabetta Baro and Elena Serra.
: Roberto Tibaldi.

Il Fregio Beethoven di Gustav Klimt


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