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Architectural structures
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Realizations to:

advertise an event
introduce a conference
document a journey
enhance a territory,
a protected area
or advertise a product
accompany a concert
creating the scenography
for a theatre performance
cover architectural
structures with images
permanent or temporary installations for exhibitions and museums
The weight of words

Client: Poet "differently" able.
Technique: digital Multi-image on Wings platinum on screen and buildings.
Event: Performance for the presentation of a book of poems.

Someone told me: "who keeps both feets on ground is still. I always kept them put up and maybe, for this reason, I learned how to fly". These words are the opening part of “The weight of words. Chorus for solo voice” , book written by Marco Brovia with images by Enzo Massa.

For the presentation of this wonderful work, the Multi-image is the scenery, where the authors, and with them Mauro Fede and Simona Colonna who composed some pieces inspired by the book, are the bearers of a fantastic sotry of how life adversities can open new horizons, offering new visual and interpretative keys of how everyday life can offer. “The weight of words”, through the intense lines of Marco Brovia, can touch the sensibility through different genres: music, poetry, images.

“Your voice is the street home, quiet it hugs me, it wraps me and slowly it spurs me to look for the courage beyond the time that passes, to chase the dreams beyond every bond”. These are the lines of one of the most intense poems in the volume, edited by “L'Artistica editrice”, where is enclosed a music cd that contains five songs, with music by Mauro Fede and sung by Simona Colonna.

Il peso delle parole


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