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When sculptures speak, listening to Rodin

Client: Cultural Association l’Atrio dei Gentili
Technique: 8 slide projectors on a panoramic screen + 3 projectors on architectural structures, music, chor and live actors.
Event: Cultural evening

"When sculptures speak, listening to Rodin's works" is the title of the show in Multi-image edited by L'atrio dei gentili, with the contribution of the trust Crf.
It is the meeting with some famous sculptures of the French artist Auguste Rodin, with images, music and texts, to search, in so complex times, a way to be adults, a form for our life, a draft of questions. The audience is invited to watch and listen, with eyes and ears, with heart and mind: because only beauty will save the world.
The initiative "Faith with art" where this show is part (organized by the catechistical and liturgical offices of the diocese of Fossano and the already quoted association), has the scope of make some dimensions of person talk and interact each others, like reason, affection, feelings, faith, artistic expression…so that they enrich each others, in a fruitful dialogue. We try to reach this aim using different instruments, like theological reflection, poetry, music, sculpture…

Texts: Stella Morra. Directed by: Elisabetta Baro. Literaly texts: Patrizia Valduga, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Cesare Pavese, David Maria Turoldo, Cristina Campo, by Elisabetta Baro.
: Charles Gounod "Faust", Sir Malcom Arnold "Dances".
Acting voices
: Manuela Celestino and Marco Manzini.
: Roberto Tibaldi.
Many thanks to Rodin Museum in Paris for the imagese.

Quando le sculture parlano, ascoltando Rodin


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