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Roero, a land born from the sea

Client: Municipalities concerned by the Area to be safeguarded
Technique: Digital multi-image in 16:9 format
Event: Realization of a Dvd and a booklet to be distributed for spreading the knowledge of the area to be protected established by Piedmont Region.

With the publication of this DVD and of the enclosed brochure, people wanted to give a contribution to the knowledge and to the spread of the naturalistic resources of Roero area, in particular of the preservation area of woods and distaffs of Roero, recently created by the Region.
There are already a lot of publications about these resources, both at scientific and at popular level.
But the aim of this product is more direct, as always happens using a Multi-image: make people wish to walk along woods and distaffs, looking for its rich biodiversity, discovering culture and traditions of these places and, why not, to deepen their knowledge reading books mentioned in the brochure.

Multi-Image: Roberto Tibaldi.
Photos by:: Roberto Tibaldi, Craveri Museum file, Vezza Museum file, Baldissero d'Alba Museum file, Sommariva Bosco, Sommariva Perno, Mario Vignola file, Carlo Avataneo, Giovanni Bertola, Carla Bonino, Rino Brancato, Domenico Brizio, Franco Cagliero, Oreste Cavallo, Luigino Felcher, Rino Gastaldi, Roberto Ghiglia, Ettore Molinaro, Paolo Pasquero, Domenico Rosso, Franco Rota, Roberto Valenti.

Roero, una terra nata dal mare


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