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A thorough breed lady

Client: Ente Manifestazioni Savigliano
Technique: Digital multi-image on the 4 walls of a square, realized in collaboration with "Il Parallelo Multivisioni" of Padua
Event: Piedmontese bovine race fair

Photos: Luigi Ponsi, Enzo Massa, Roberto Tibaldi, Doriano Mandrile, file Anaborapi, file Artivaganti, fileHapax, file Entemanifestazioni
Video: file Artivaganti, file Hapax, San Firmino Film

Savigliano (CN), capital city of the famous steak "Madama La Piemonteisa", becomes the stage of a curious challenge among the best meat bovine races from Italy and Europe: a continuous and original comparison among breeders, butchers, haute cuisine chefs, traditions, cultures and important characters. On the occasion of the fair of September 2008, we realized a great Multi-image with the emblematic sub-title "Man and beefs: a relationship that lasts all along"; from graffiti, to the carving of the nineteenth century, up to the works of the painters of the twentieth century, the odd cowparade, the poems carved on the cowbells edited by Artivaganti association, the Carrų fair; everything attests this relationship, today still alive.


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