Immaginare studio fotografico di Roberto Tibaldi

What it is
What can be done
Travel & adventure
Art & culture
Artistic expression
Architectural structures
Museums & visitor cntrs.
Dance & theatre
with Multi-image

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Realizations to:

advertise an event
introduce a conference
document a journey
enhance a territory,
a protected area
or advertise a product
accompany a concert
creating the scenography
for a theatre performance
cover architectural
structures with images
permanent or temporary installations for exhibitions and museums
Realizzazioni : natura :
La nature en partage / Sharing nature/
Client: Parcs Nationaux de France / France National Parks
Technique: Digital multi-image in 2,35:1 panoramic format.
Event: Celebration of the Fifty-Year Anniversary of the Law establishing National Parks in France.

Park meet the public
Client: Parco Naturale Alta Valle Pesio / Natural Park of High Valle Pesio
Technique: Digital multi-image on the fašade of a building.
Event: involving entertainment and the tasting of food and beverages organized by the Natural Park of High Valle Pesio and Tanaro and its collaborators.

Roero, a land born from the sea
Client: Municipalities concerned by the Area to be safeguarded
Technique: Digital multi-image in 16:9 format.
Event: Realization of a Dvd and a booklet to be distributed for spreading the knowledge of the area to be protected established by Piedmont Region.

Beyond la fin del mundo
Client: a Traveller
Technique: Digital, didactic, emotional Multi-image work.
Event: Reportage of a naturalistic journey to Antarctica.

La famille croque et l'arbre magique
Client: Parc National des Ecrins (Francia)
Technique: Digital multi-image on Wings Platinum.
Event: Didactic multi-image for children.

Parks without frontiers
Client: Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime - Parc National du Mercantour
Technique: 12 slide projectors panoramic, 4 slide projectors with one screen version, digital version on Wings Platinum.
Event: Celebration of the 25-year anniversary of the two Parks. |

Un Arbre qui parle!
Client: Parc National des Ecrins (Francia)
Technique: 4 slide projectors, single screen.
Event: Didactic multi-image for explaining the National Park to children, with actors' voices and comic-strips.

Un parc comme un ecrin
Client: Parc National des Ecrins (Francia)
Technique: Digital Multi-image on Wings Platinum, panoramic 2,35:1
Event: Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Park. Work projected in great events on matters relating to national parks, nature and environment. Installed in 7 visitor centers of the Park.

Africa beyond the black
Client: A Traveller
Technique: 4 slide projectors, single screen
Event: The work was projected in schools for projects of study on Africa and in public reviews.


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