Multivisione - lo spettacolo delle immagini

Our world is being increasingly made up of images... images as a support to the written word, for spreading a concept, for enhancing an object, for bringing a building back to life... The word PHOTOGRAPHY means "drawing with light". Far from being a simple witness to reality, the photographer interprets, chooses and creates.

I chose "IMMAGINARE" as name for my Studio, because this word can have two meanings: the verb, i.e. is to imagine, and also "to create, make images".

Today the image is increasingly strengthened by music, a kind of art that alone leads to travel with fantasy and touch the deepest strings of emotions.

Photography and music are the two creative languages of Multi-vision. Photographic images that take up life, fluidity, following the flowing of the music. Such languages have just one single aim: causing emotions to live.

Roberto Tibaldi


fotografia entra
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